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Our Proposal

We are the most innovative, professional and personalized Real Estate company world-wide. AVIDA has become the brand you can trust.

∗ Integrity - We believe in doing the right thing - always - for our clients, our company and our community.

∗ Passion - We love all facets of Real Estate - from the drama and power of fine architecture, to the bonds of enduring trust we form with clients.

Our Planning

We take pride in the professional satisfaction that comes from mastering "the art of the deal."

  • - Commercial Real Estate Development
  • - Industrial Real Estate Development
  • - Residential Brokerage
  • - Relocation and Leasing Brokerage
  • - Commercial Brokerage
  • - Commercial Brokerage - serving the corporate and industrial community along with the entertainment industry.

Our Strategy

AVIDA examines urban communities to determine whether an area qualifies for, and can justify, the extensive efforts AVIDA undertakes in making investments. As part of its underwriting processes, AVIDA qualifies communities based on the following:

  • ∗ Improving economic and demographic trends
  • ∗ Public commitment to real estate investments
  • ∗ A sufficient level of private sector investments consistent with AVIDA views.

New Representation, Brand New Results

We believe our corporate ethics are the ground work upon which our company is built. We have a solid and transparent foundation. AVIDA is a boutique capital sourcing and management advisory firm for new larger-scale commercial realty developments and projects in the western hemisphere. AVIDA focuses on international real estate and caters to foreign investors from the Far East and Latin America.


Our mission at AVIDA & Associates Inc. is to bring consumers and agents together in this vast Real Estate and Mortgage Market. We treat our agents and consumers like family. We also look to raise the bar in professionalism, ethics and a strong statewide NETWORK of agents and clients.


We are working nonstop to improve our services to agents and consumers, providing you with a strong, ethical and very PROFESSIONAL experience that you would expect from a leading real estate company such as AVIDA & Associates Inc.